Six months later --- 250 pounds of happy hog on the hoof

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Shoats at the feeding trough --- first come first served
Onions and carrots
Basil ... split firewood beyond
Spring storm brewing
Washed out road the day after Hurricane Irene
Wood fired oven 
Wood fired oven pizza --- sausage onion pesto
                       "Local Food"
Firewood production 
After the hurricane --- evacuating two neighbors on the farm wagon towed behind the tractor over washed out roads
Wild Turkey
Katie Lady
View to the east over the Connecticut River valley of Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire
Center chimney Cape 
Village center of Marlboro, Vermont showing (left to right): Whetstone Inn (obscured), Marlboro Meetinghouse, U.S. Post Office, Town Office (obscured), Town House
The road home