Forests and fields are the hog's natural habitat.... Our animals enjoy free access to the outdoors at all times and are free to range about within a large area "rooting" for next year's garden. Very few pork producers can make this claim to full time free access to the outdoors. 

Our setting allows the hogs to grow happily and securely in a stress-free environment. The result is exceptionally good pork. 

Our hogs are fed exclusively on a nutritionally complete vegetarian 15-18% protein feed (corn, soy) --- never scraps, never antibiotics, never growth hormones, never animal by-products such as whey --- and they are free to range about "rooting" for next year's garden whenever they choose --- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Our plants are produced in the nutrient rich soil prepared by the hogs. We specialize in basil and tomato for retail and wholesale customers. All crops are organically grown. 

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