Rambling Brook Farm produces the highest quality pork at reasonable prices for retail and wholesale customers in southern Vermont and beyond.... 

Our free ranging happy hogs are raised with individual daily attention to their well-being.  They are provided with as much grain as they wish to eat --- a complete ration including all vital vitamins and minerals needed for growth and good health. 

They are never fed table scraps, expired food, or stale bread. They are never fed animal by-products such as whey. They are never given routine hormones or antibiotics. (We will use antibiotics if necessary to save a sick pig; that's humane!) The farm does not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides.  

We offer a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for meat with both whole and 1/2 hog options.  

Delivery available. 

Please contact us! 

Rambling Brook Farm
P.O. Box 61
Marlboro, Vermont 05344
Telephone: (802) 258-0409


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